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2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Last week we gave an update on our Alpha Tester program. The program is tracking to schedule and we are very pleased with the progress made.

With the official FlashLoans.com platform launch not far off , we thought we’d take this opportunity to recap what we are building at Flashloans.com

Flash loan technology is a new DeFi feature that provides amazing tools for traders. However, it can typically only be accessed by users with experience with Solidity programming and the ability to code their own flash loan-backed trade. This means anyone with a keen eye for Flash loan backed trades can not access one of DeFi’s greatest features. Flashloans.com plans to solve this problem by opening these opportunities to everybody with an easy-to-use platform.

The Flashloans.com platform is easy to use enabling people to build and execute Flash loan backed trades through a simple UI. The platform has an additional layer of functionality with Flash tokens, allowing users to access bespoke Flash loan analytics, as well as enjoying reduced platform fees.

The platform is uniquely built for users to optimise their DeFi strategy simply by configuring the flash loan they would like to perform. The platform converts complex DeFi protocols into a flash loan builder with advanced front end functions allowing users to easily research and build a Flash Loan backed trade.

Flash Loan users can set up inputs & outputs and create the sequence, then the system will perform the flash loan. The Flash Loans tool will then combine all the stages of the sequence into one transaction and send this on the blockchain.

Flashloans.com is building a unique value ecosystem with our Flash loan builder tool and the Flash token with a host of user benefits.

The Flashloans team have looked at every aspect of researching and performing Flash loans and aim to assist DeFi users to manage their DeFi portfolios and strategies. We plan to incorporate platform integrations into Flashloans.com, as well as incentivise builders to evolve the platform and enhance the ecosystem as a result


  1. Connect to Flashloans.com with a supported web 3 wallet, for example, Metamask

2. Identify a Flash Loan opportunity

3. Build a Flash Loan using the Flashloans.com tool

4. Complete the transaction

To find out more about Flashloans.com read the Whitepaper at Flashloans.com

Flashloans is a new DeFi tool that allows users to create and perform a Flash loan backed trade from an easy to use UI. For more information go to www.flashloans.com

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Welcome to Flashloans.com - A new DeFi tool that allows users to create and perform a Flash loan backed trade from an easy to use UI.