Flashloans.com Development Update

4 min readDec 19, 2022


Seasons Greetings Flashloans community

We hope you and yours are having a great end to the year. 2022 has been an eventful year in the Crypto space. We are anticipating an even bigger 2023.

Flashloans.com is now over a year old with the project launching in October 2021. Todays blog is a Progress update on the new Flashloans dapp and what you as a FLASH token holder can expect in the coming months.


The Flashloans project has received a full branding overhaul with a new logo, brand colours and brand mascot in FLASHY.

The reason for this is to remove the current technical feel of the current application and to make this new technology accessible to a much wider group of crypto users. We have adapted to this by focusing on the user case case users are looking to achieve with the Flash loans application

We have achieved this by sectioning the app into 3 sections which will be presented when using Flashloans.com

  • Arbitrage trade
  • Self liquidate a Defi loan position
  • Collateral swap an exiting Defi Deposit

When the user selects the application they are looking to acheive the dapp will then present only the relevant Dexes or Defi applications required to carry out this task. For example if a user selects the arbitrage feature. This will present the list of Dexes available to create arbitrage trades between and also show tutorial videos and information specific to completing an arbitrage trade using the flashloans.com tool.

For A self liquidation the user can select this on the Flash loans app which will perform the same task, listing only Defi lending options available on the app and present the relevant tutorial content around this.

Flashloans Pro

For the more technical users in the community you may want to have the flexibility of pairing the different options together — for this we have also added Flashloans pro which reverts back to the full offering. Flashloans Pro will be available to all users with a membership level 1 and above.

New designs

We have redesigned the front end website, Flashloans application and also the Arbitrage finder to a new sleek design which we think will take us through to the next stage of growth.

Here are some examples of the new design



Flashloans Application

Arbitrage finder

When Polygon..

One of the most frequent questions we have received as a project has been around when we will be making Polygon chain accessible on the Flashloans platform. This is largely due to members of the community seeing the benefits of the Flashloans tool but not being able to capitalise on them due to the large gas costs required when using the Ethereum network. For his reason we have chosen to integrate the Polygon chain into Flashloans.com prior to the launch to make sure the tool provides instant benefits upon the new launch.

Binance Chain

As the Defi space especially around Flash loans is evolving so fast we have seen BSC continuing to evolve as a key player — for this reason Binance Smart chain will be the next blockchain being added to the Flashloans platform — this will be later in 2023 once we have launched the new site and Polygon chain.

Flash Bridge

With the additional chains the addition of the FLASH bridge is going to play a big role in the usability of the project. For this reason we have decided to integrate a bridging tool directly onto the platform. Flash Bridge will allow users to easily swap between the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance chains directly through the app whilst also removing the need to rely on third parties such as Duck Bridge.

We are very grateful for all of the support shown by the community so far and we look forward to making waves in the Defi community with you next year with what we hope will be the best Flashloans application in the industry.


David and the Flashloans Team




Welcome to Flashloans.com - A new DeFi tool that allows users to create and perform a Flash loan backed trade from an easy to use UI.