FLASHLOANS -Staking Upgrade

2 min readFeb 4, 2023

FLASH token has now reached the end of the one year staking period, Congratulations to all of the FLASH token stakers and thank you for supporting the Flashloans project by purchasing and staking your tokens so far.

The FLASH staking APR has now gone to 0% and no further tokens will be minted through staking.

FLASH token holders can now stake tokens to receive the membership benefits on the FLASH application, simply stake your tokens as normal at https://stake.flashloans.com/# and when you connect to the flash loans application your membership status will be presented in the top right hand corner.

Below is a reminder of the FLASH membership benefits available to stakers

FLASH token burn

Flashloans.com have now introduced a new token burn model which will take 30% of the fees generated by the platform and use these to purchase tokens from the market and burn by sending FLASH tokens to the following burn address — 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

Burn Frequency

The FLASH token burn will take place on the last day of every month and will be updated on the Flash burn dashboard.

Burn Dashboard

users of any membership level can connect to the Dashboard and see how many tokens are available and how many have been destroyed and removed from circulation.

Token burn go live date

The token burn feature for Flashloans.com will be going live on the same date as the updated Flashloans app goes live later this Quarter.

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