The Flashloans Staking Platform
3 min readApr 18, 2022


Flashloans, offers staking options for its community members through the Flash Staking platform.

Users of the platform can stake FLASH tokens directly on the Flashloans website. Tokens can be acquired on the Uniswap platform or mined utilizing the network’s transaction mining mechanism.

Staking FLASH tokens has four various membership benefits:

Platform features

FLASH token mining bonus

Revenue share

Fee reduction

FLASH Staking has a classification of 4 membership levels. Non-staking members are at level 0, where they have full access to the Flashloan tool. For users interested in FLASH staking, the levels provide these benefits:

Level 1: From staking 10,000 FLASH, users have a 30% fee reduction and full access to the Flashloan tool, access to ‘Arbitrage analytics, and profile saver — create and save a complex flash loan for future use.

Level 2: From staking 30,000 FLASH, users have a 50% fee reduction and additional features from level 1 which include full analytics suite including ‘Insight tool and all future analytics products added to the platform.

Level 3: From staking 100,000 FLASH, users are completely exempt from paying fees, and apart from having access to the features of all previous levels, they also have the ability to schedule trades with the automation tool

Flash Token Mining

Users benefit from FLASH token staking for the first four years. 8 million tokens can be mined which will be distributed through the adoption ladder program, which rewards early platform stakers and reduces the available supply every year.

Within the 4 years, the tokens will be mined as follows:

Year 1–4,000,000
Year 2–2,000,000
Year 3–1,000,000
Year 4–1,000,000

Users will be able to get a percentage of platform fees rather than token mining revenues once this period is over.

All users that stake FLASH will receive 50% of the fee distribution made on the platform.

Revenue Share

By staking FLASH tokens — users will also be able to receive 50% of the fees generated on the platform.

All fees will show on your staking dashboard which can be removed along with FLASH token rewards through staking in the first 4 years.

For more information, please visit the whitepaper.

About Flash Loans

In DeFi, flash loans are a new type of uncollateralized loan. Traders and DeFi users benefit from flash loans since they allow for rapid loans without the need for collateral, as long as the liquidity is remitted to the pool into one transaction block.

If the flash loan trade does not return the full amount of liquidity to the pool, the entire transaction is reverted, thus undoing all previous acts. This ensures that the funds in the reserve pool are safe.

Anyone having a web 3 wallet and a need for Flash loan liquidity can use to make arbitrage trades, self-liquidate a DeFi loan, or provide a collateral swap for an existing DeFi position, among other operations.

For more information on Flash Loans, visit the website.



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